Research interests

Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) are a class of optimization algorithms inspired by the process of natural selection and evolution. These algorithms mimic the principles of biological evolution to search for optimal solutions in complex problem spaces.

Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence (CI) employs heuristic methods such as EA and others, mimicking human-inspired (intelligent) strategies for effective solutions. Sometimes also called "Soft Computing".

Motion Capture and Sensor Data Processing

Motion Capture research centers on sensor data processing, refining techniques to accurately capture and interpret human movements for applications in health, biomechanics, and virtual reality.

Health Informatics

Health Informatics integrates technology into healthcare, leveraging data for enhanced patient care, management, and research, promoting efficient and informed decision-making in the medical field.

Featured Publications

Classification of body postures using smart workwear

Lins and Hein, 2022, Health and Technology

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation quality parameters from motion capture data using Differential Evolution fitting of sinusoids

Lins et al., 2019, Applied Soft Computing

EA-based smartwatch application for training and assistance in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Lins et al., 2023, Proceedings of the Companion Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (GECCO)

A Real-Time Eye Tracking System for the Detection of Eye Blinks

Witte and Lins, 2023, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics

Designing a New Puzzle App to Target Dyslexia Screening in Pre-Readers

Rauschenberg et al., 2019, Proceedings of the 5th EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good

OWAS inter-rater reliability

Lins et al., 2021, Applied Ergonomics