I was awarded with 'Hermine Heusler-Edenhuizen Preis'

I translate and quote from the website of the University of Oldenburg:

“Christian Lins, PhD student at the University of Oldenburg and research assistant at OFFIS, has received the “Hermine Heusler-Edenhuizen Prize” of the Faculty VI Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Oldenburg. With this award, the faculty honors a publication of the young scientist, which was published in the journal “Applied Soft Computing” in 2019. In this publication, Lins describes an approach for a new type of training system that supports first responders with a camera system when they train CPR on training mannequins. With this low-cost system, medical laypersons could practice CPR even in places where no training facilities are available. Lins conducted the research as part of his PhD in the Automation and Medical Devices Division within the Department of Health Services Research. The 500 euro prize, donated by the Freunde und Förderer der Universitätsmedizin Nordwest e.V., was awarded for the second time and honors outstanding scientific publications.

The prize is awarded once per semester and is named after the first female gynecologist in private practice in Germany. The Research Commission of Faculty VI Medicine and Health Sciences decides on the award together with the association Freunde und Förderer der Universitätsmedizin Nordwest e.V. The selection criteria include the scientific quality of the submitted publication and the degree of interdisciplinary cooperation within the Faculty or with the cooperation partner on the Dutch side, the University Medical Center Groningen.”