New headset for old bike

Two weeks ago I started to commute on my bike from my home to work. I covered the almost 30km to and back with my old FOCUS Red Falls trekking bike (year 2008?), which had not been used for years. In my student days I was a kind of bicycle nerd, who tinkered a lot with his bike and so I felt itchy in my fingers to tinker with the bike again.

The suspension fork of the bike was already rusty and squeaked during compression, so I decided on a new suspension fork (RST Nova TNL). Actually it is not so difficult to mount a new suspension fork. Actually. Unfortunately, the old fork had a threaded shaft where the headset nut was rusted. The mechanic in the local bicycle shop couldn’t help me, except that he confirmed that the nut was completely locked. So I spent the last few evenings with the Dremel cutting the steel nut and headset bearings into pieces. A terrible job, but finally done. At least now I can mount a modern Ahead headset with a new handlebar.